Laboratori Creativi

Prossimamente, moltissime novità.

                   CICLO LABORATORI 2019 -2020


Un ciclo di laboratori creativi e manuali svolti in lingua inglese il sabato mattina. Con l’aiuto di Paco ed i suoi amici ( protagonisti delle pagine “Paco and Friends – Paco’s last week of the year”) ogni laboratorio prevederà una tematica che coinvolgerà i bambini ( divisi per fasce d’età) alla scoperta di nuovi vocaboli e attività da svolgere con l’ausilio di racconti, filastrocche, canzoncine e piccoli lavoretti manuali.

° dai 3 ai 5 anni dalle 9:00 alle 10:30 °

° dai 6 gli 8 anni dalle 10:30 alle 12:00 °

(attivabile con un minimo di 5 bambini)

€15 a laboratorio ( prenotazione obbligatoria)

Partecipando a tutto il ciclo, in regalo il libro “Paco’s last week of the year” con tutte le avventure di Paco.

14 dicembre 2019

“A Christmas Party with Paco”

Christmas decorations, munching cookies and singing Christmas Carols.

Paco will tell You about New Year’s Eve celebrations around the World.

18 gennaio 2020

“Paco explains the Human Body”

Draw, cut and paste…

Are you ready to construct your own human body and learn about it’s functions?

25 gennaio 2020

“Paco explains Family Members and Daily Activities”

Do you know how to make a family tree ?

Don’t forget any of your relatives in his fun activity with Paco and the book characters.

1 febbraio 2020

“An adventure with Paco in the city”

Keep up with Paco and friends,

follow the map and find the main buildings on this day tour in a Metropoli.

8 febbraio 2020

“Learning about work, jobs and professions with Paco”

Can you picture yourself as a firefighter ? An Astronaut ? A Scientist?

Let’s roleplay along with Paco and learn about the challenges of different professions and jobs.

15 febbraio 2020

“Paco’s animal safari around the world”

Travel to distant continents and learn all about animals: how they look, what they eat, where they live. Paco will be our guide in this fun safari.

22 febbraio 2020

“The fantastic world of food and shapes, a journey with Paco”

Become a real gourmet and let Paco explain you about tipical food, nutricion, and the most tasty dishes in Italy and around the world.

29 febbraio 2020

“Let’s save the Planet with Paco and friends”

S.O.S. the Planet need us! Let’s learn small actions to help the Earth and made a big difference. Separate trash, let’s recycle and reuse.